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Property Management Companies in the Portland, Maine

BellPort Property Management

BellPort Property Management handles over 1,500 units in the greater Portland Area, let us put our experience to work for you! We are a full-service property management company that focuses on tailoring our management services to meet each client’s individual needs; we understand that each property is unique, as is every owner’s situation. That’s why we take the time to listen to our client’s needs, and customize our management services accordingly. Whether you’re interested in full-scope property management services or our customized services (ie. marketing, rental showings, lease signings, financials, 24/7 on-call service, apartment maintenance, etc.), we are here to work with you.

Maine Properties | Southern Maine Remodeling

Maine Properties Continues to be the first choice for property owners, associations and individual homeowners for all of Southern Maine. Maine Properties has been consistently delivering quality management, maintenance and remodeling services for property owners and renters since 1981. More recently, in 2014, Peter and Richard Michaud . The Michaud’s and Risbara’s are founders and co-owners of multiple Scarborough-based companies including Maine Properties LLC, Southern Maine Remodeling and M & R Holdings. They are all Scarborough residents, and are committed to creating a high-quality product and exceptional customer service experience.

Port Property Management

Port Property has been making home happen for residents for nearly 30 years. Founded in Portland, Maine, as a locally owned and operated business, we recently expanded to Wilmington, North Carolina, and own and manage more than 100 unique properties in both states, leveraging our deep experience and expansive portfolio to provide exceptional quality and customer service to our residents. Port Property is a privately-owned business founded in Portland, Maine, in 1993. Recently expanding to Wilmington, North Carolina, our goal is to make home happen for our residents across our portfolio of properties in both states. As several of our properties include commercial space, we also provide commercial property management services. Our portfolio of commercial tenants includes local restaurants, well-established retail businesses, creative studios and prime office locations.

Dirigo Management Company

Dirigo Management Company is a fully integrated third party management company offering a menu of services to its client base of commercial, residential, and institutional property owners. Dirigo’s team of nearly 100 professionals is organized into functional service departments which are typical of full service property management companies.

To better address the needs of its clients, Dirigo has established separate operating divisions within the company with very specific mission statements.  These divisions included the following:  DMC Painting & Remodeling; DMC Leasing and Brokerage; DMC Rental Program; and DMC Financing.